6.1104 Ballot to be enclosed in unsealed reply envelope-Printed instructions to be included.

(a) The Chief Election Officer shall enclose the ballot for those persons entitled to vote under 6.1101(c)(1) in an unsealed reply envelope to be furnished by him and which shall be in the form prescribed by him. In addition, the Chief Election Officer shall prepare printed instructions regarding the manner of marking and returning the absentee ballot. The Chief Election Officer shall furnish a copy of the printed instructions and information setting forth the district in which the qualified elector is entitled to vote. The reply envelope shall bear upon the face thereof the name, official title, and post office address of the Chief Election Officer and the words “Absentee Ballot Enclosed”. The back of the reply envelope shall contain a statement to be subscribed to by the qualified elector which affirms the fact that he is the person voting.

(b) The absentee qualified elector shall be instructed that his ballot shall not be valid if the affirmation statement is not signed.

History: 1977, PL 15-42 § 1; 2002, PL 27-31.