6.1703 Duties of the Chief Election Officer and Commission.

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(a) The Chief Election Officer’s principal duty is to regulate the election process, and under this chapter his duties are to:

(1) develop and adopt reporting forms required by this chapter;

(2) adopt and publish a manual for all candidates and committees, describing the requirements of this chapter, including uniform and simple methods of recordkeeping;

(3) preserve all reports required by this chapter for at least 5 years from the date of receipt;

(4) permit the inspection, copying, or duplicating of any report required by this chapter under rules adopted by the Commission; provided, that no information or copies from the report shall be sold or used by any person for the purpose of soliciting contributions or for any commercial purpose.

(b) The Commission’s principal duty is to supervise campaign contributions and expenditures, and under this chapter its duties are to:

(1) ascertain whether any candidate, committee, or party has failed to file a report required by this chapter or has filed a substantially defective or deficient report, and to notify the persons that their failure to file or filing of a substantially defective or deficient report must be corrected and explained, the correction or explanation to be submitted in writing to the Commission within a reasonable time after the notification of the failure to file or deficiency; the Commission shall make available a list of candidates, committees, and parties who have failed to correct their deficiency within the time allowed by the Commission, failure to respond to the notification shall constitute a violation of this chapter;

(2) hold public hearings;

(3) investigate and hold hearings for receiving evidence of any violations;

(4) adopt a code of fair campaign practices;

(5) establish rules under 4.1001 et seq.;

(6) request the initiation of prosecution for the violation of this chapter under 6.1724; and

(7) suggest accounting methods for candidates, parties, and committees, as the Commission may consider advisable, in connection with reports and records required by this chapter.

History: 1977, PL 15-32 § 1.