6.1715 Campaign expenditures—Written authorization required.

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(a) A candidate may draw on the campaign treasurer for his political expenditures for postage, telegrams, telephone calls, stationery, expressage, travel, meals, and lodging. The candidate shall make a detailed accounting of his political expenditures and the accounting shall be made a part of the reports required in 6.1718 and 6.1719. The account shall state the amount and the purpose of the expenditures and other information required by the Commission and shall be signed and certified by the campaign treasurer.

(b) No funds shall be withdrawn or paid from a campaign depository except upon the written authorization of the campaign treasurer.

(c) No expenditure by or on behalf of a candidate shall be made or incurred by any committee without specific written authorization of the candidate or his authorized representative. Every expenditure so authorized and made or incurred shall be attributed to the candidate for whom the expenditure is made for the purpose of imposing the expenditure limitations imposed by § 1616.

History: 1977, PL 15-32 § 1.

Reviser’s Comment: § 1616 (19 ASC 1616) was repealed by PL 16-7 2.