Chapter 12 – PORTS OF ENTRY

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20.1201 Designated-Requirements-Vessels in distress.

20.1202 Notice of illegal entry.


20.1201 Designated-Requirements-Vessels in distress.

(a) The port of Pago Pago shall be the only port of entry for American Samoa for surface vessels.

(b) All vessels must enter and clear from such port, and no vessels may call at any other port in American Samoa without first entering and clearing from the port of Pago Pago unless the Governor determines that the public interest or an emergency requires the vessel to enter another port without first entering and clearing from such port, and grants permission to do so.

(c) A vessel in distress may anchor at any port in American Samoa.


History: 1962, PL 7-27.


Research Guide: For designation of additional ports of entry by immigration board, sec 41.0110. For port of entry for aircraft, see 21.0301.


20.1202  Notice of illegal entry.

If any vessel not in distress enters or attempts to enter a port in violation of the provisions of 20.1201, the pulenuu of the village at such port or the representative of the Director of Health shall communicate the fact by the fastest available means to the Director of Port Administration, and shall inform the master of the vessel that such entry is in violation of the law.


History: 1962, PL 7-27.