(a) Fiscal Accounting Records. The value of nonexpendable property acquired and disposed of shall be recorded in the records and accounts prescribed in this chapter and as determined by the director of administrative services as defined

in the Accounting Manual.

(b) Accountability Records. Accountability records shall be established and maintained to cover nonexpendable property as prescribed in this section.

(c) Capitalized Equipment. The general ledger control account for capitalized property shall be supported by detailed property records to adequately identify the units of equipment, the costs of which are charged to equipment accounts; provided a permanent record of the acquisition and disposition of all capitalized property; and provide information needed for inventory control and management purposes. This record will generally be known as the nonexpendable property accountability record, but may be supplemented by such other accountability or property records as may be necessary or desirable for property management purposes. These records shall be subject to both internal and external audit and all entries made therein must be adequately supported by valid acquisition and disposal doc4ments.

(d) Noncapitalized Equipment. The use of accountability records for noncapitalized equipment is not required by this title; but, rather, their use is discretionary with the head of each department, bureau, or agency.

History: Rule 3-78, eff 17 Apr 78, 300 GASM § 2.4.