When an accountable officer is to be relieved of accountability, the incoming accountable officer shall be required to accept, formally, full responsibility and accountability for all government-owned property involved in the transfer of accountability. This may be accomplished in either of 2 ways:

(a) An itemized list of property of all classes may be compiled from the property records, showing, as a minimum, the quantity and adequate description of the items involved.

(1) Receipt of the property shall be acknowledged thereon by the incoming accountable officer, after such verification and inventory as the incoming officer deems necessary to 10.0122 Liability and accountability-relief provisions-Scope. Sections 10.0122 and 10.0123 set forth basic requirements for the appointment of boards surveyor other authorities to

(1) investigate circumstance$ surrounding lost, stolen, damaged, and unserviceable property and

(2) report findings and make recommendations for the fixing of or the relief from personal liability for damaged or missing property. Sections 10.0122 and 10.0123 also provides for review of the actions of boards of survey by the property division, department of material management, and for the director of material management to make the final determination as to financial liability and disposition of the property.

History: Rule 3-78, eff 17 Apr 78, 300 GASM § 4.1.