10.0130 Survey board investigation Findings and liability-Scrapping.

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Boards of survey shall fully investigate matters submitted to them. They will call for all evidence obtainable and will not limit inquiries to evidence or statements presented by

parties in interest. They will examine and verify all evidence presented and available, and make recommendations consistent with the circumstances and findings disclosed by such examination.

(a) In the case of damaged property, the board of surveyor traveling survey officers will usually recommend that the employee be relieved of financial liability unless its findings disclose that:

(1) the property involved was being used for other than official purposes; or

(2) the employee failed to exercise reasonable precautions with regard to the care, use, and custody of the property in the particular circumstances. Inexpert use of property in carrying out official business resulting in damage will not usually justify holding the employee financially liable.

(b) In the case of missing property where the employee is able to show when and under what circumstances the property was lost, the board of survey will usually make its recommendations concerning financial liability by following criteria similar to that for damaged property. Where the employee is unable to produce missing property and is unable to explain meaningfully the circumstances under which it disappeared, the board will usually be concerned with the question as to whether the employee had or should have had adequate control over the custody of the property. If the nature of the property or the circumstances of the employee’s holding it were such that custody and control were unimpaired, the board would understandably be reluctant to recommend that the employee be relieved of financial liability.

(c) Boards of survey should carefully examine property being surveyed. Where the board finds that the property has further usefulness, either as is or after justifiable repairs or reconditioning, it may recommend that the property be continued in service.

(d) Where final board of survey action directs that the destruction or reduction to scrap of property, such disposition shall be witnessed by at least I member of the survey board and an inspector of the property division, department of material management.

History: Rule 3-78, eff l7 Apr 78,300 GASM § 5.7.