10.0131 Liability question separability-Loss valuation-Survey action deferral.

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Boards of survey’s action in determining whether to hold an employee financially liable for damaged or missing property entrusted to him should be taken apart from and without prejudice to whatever action of a personnel nature may be appropriate. The question of financial liability must be kept separate from such questions as the appropriateness of retraining, transferring, reprimanding, suspending, dismissing, or even commending the employee.

(a) When an employee is found liable for property loss or damage by board of survey action, or when he voluntarily accepts liability, it shall be the responsibility of the accountable officer to establish the government’s claim against the employee. Restitution should be sought to the extent of the government’s loss. In the case of damaged property, the government’s loss will usually be

(1) the cost of necessary repairs or

(2) the estimated market value after, as compared with before, the damage occurred. In the case of missing property, the measure of the government’s loss should be the appraised value based on the last known condition of the property.

(b) In any instance involving property irregularities subject to the provisions of this chapter, final board of survey action should be deferred until completion of action by the director of material management.

History: Rule 3-78, eff 17 Apr 78,300 GASM § 5.8.