Adequate storage facilities shall be provided at each location to ensure the proper safeguarding of all government property. Facilities required will vary largely between the projects and other activities of the various departments and agencies. Actual requirements will depend upon such factors as volume of property to be handled, characteristics of commodities to be stored, and nature of the operations.

(a) Indoor. Indoor storage areas should be arranged to obtain proper stock protection and

maximum utilization of space within established floor load capacities, but should be subject to flexibility to provide for periodic changes in specific space requirements. Employees engaged in storehouse and storage operations must be instructed in safety and fire protection regulations pertaining to these operations. The division of fire is charged with the responsibility of periodically inspecting warehouses and for instructing employees therein in the techniques of fire prevention and protection.

(b) Outdoor. Storage yards for items not requiring covered protection shall be protected by locked fenced enclosures to the extent necessary to protect the government’s interest. Outside storage areas shall be prominently posted to clearly indicate that the property stored therein is government property. Entrance to such areas should be restricted to authorized personnel only.

History: Rule 3-78, eff 17 Apr 78, 300 GASM § 7.4.