10.0152 Descriptions of property Bid deposit-Award criteria.

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(a) Invitation for bids, announcements and public notices, offering property for sale, will contain a full and complete description of the property, its location, condition and life span, and method of sale, whether by sealed bids, negotiation, or auction or spot bid.

(b) Description of vehicular items, such as but not limited to automobiles, station wagons, ambulances, motor trucks, tractor trucks, and buses, will include the following: make of vehicle, year, series or model, manufacturer’s serial number, type of vehicle and kind of body, number of cylinders, number of wheels driving, if other than standard, and manufacturer-rated capacity.

(c) Extremely important to the description of any property offered for sale is the portrayal of its true condition. Exact degrees of condition are matters of wide interpretation based on technical knowledge and individual opinion. The terminology contained in this chapter will govern. Some indication of the general condition of the property should be included if at all possible so that the bidder may have a basis upon which to estimate its value for future use. Condition codes should not be used in the description as these might prove quite meaningless to prospective bidders

(d) Awards normally will be made to the highest responsible and responsive bidder. In the event no awards are made for an item even though bids are received, the reasons for not making an award will be entered on the record of the sale.

(e) When a bidder has not met the bid deposit requirement, as provided for in the invitations of bid, such bid normally will be considered nonresponsive, except under any of the following situations:

(1) The bid deposit is less than the amount required by the invitation to bid by an inconsequential amount and the rejection of the bid would not be in the best interest of the government;

(2) Only 1 bid has been received and it is considered to be adequate, and the bidder agrees to submit the required deposit;

(3) A bidder submits a bid deposit which is insufficient to cover all of the items for which he is in line for award. He should be awarded those items for which the bid deposit would have been adequate had only those items been bid upon; provided, however, that such a partial award is not inconsistent with either the bid as submitted by the bidder or the terms and conditions of the invitations, such as all-or-none bid qualification.

(1) In determining which of several items should be awarded, the greatest possible return to the government shall be the prime factor.

History: Rule 3-78, eff 17 Apr 78, 300 GASM § 10.3.