10.0153 Bid opening and abstract-Unit-basis bidding.

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(a) The official designated as the bid opening officer shall decide when the time set for bid opening has arrived and shall so declare to those present. All bids received prior to the time set for opening shall then be publicly opened and, when practicable, read aloud to the persons present, and be recorded. The official abstract of bids will contain as a minimum the following information:

(1) Number of prospective bidders solicited;

(2) Number of bids received;

(3) Number of awards made;

(4) Item number for which no award is made and the reason thereof;

(5) Item number and statement of reasons for any award other than to highest bidder;

(6) Information regarding whether a bid is submitted subject to condition, reservation, or qualification in any respect.

(b) When bids are solicited on a unit basis, bidders will insert their unit prices and total prices in the space provided for each item. In the event the bidder quotes a total price on an item but fails to quote a unit price, the government will determine the unit price by dividing the total price quoted by the quantity of the item set out in the invitation to bid. The unit price so determined will be used for the purpose of bid evaluation, award, and all phases of administration.

History: Rule 3-78, eff 17 Apr 78, 300 GASM § 4.