(a) Bids may be rejected by the sales contract officer when bid prices offered are below the current market appraisals and the prices offered are not considered reasonable, and/or when it appears that there was a collusive attempt by bidders to hold down prices.

(b) For each item which is withdrawn prior to bid opening and for each item for which there is no award made, entry will be made on the abstract of bids.

(c) Although the abstract of bids is public information at all times after completion of the public opening of bids, the successful bidder for each item is not designated until the item has been circled and the abstract or document attached to the abstract has been certified as

follows by the sales contract officer:

“I have made the awards or rejected the bids as indicated on this abstract, and the same countersigned by the Director of Material Management.”

History: Rule 3-78, eff 17 Apr 78, 300 GASM § 10.6.