10.0158 Sales contract default-Failure to pay for or remove property.

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(a) When a purchaser fails to pay for or remove property or otherwise performed as required by the terms and conditions of sale he is considered to be in default; the consequences of this failure to properly perform his obligation under the contract may result in contract termination.

(b) A termination for default for failure to pay and remove property form shall be issued for nonpayment or for nonremoval of property awarded. Ordinarily the purchaser will be allowed 20 days in which to cure the default on sales contract, including auction sales or spot bid.

(c) The notice of default will advise the purchaser that in the event the default is cured prior to the expiration of the cure period, he will be required to pay any accrued storage charges for the period commencing with the day following the removal date specified in the award. The purchaser will also be notified in the notice of default that in the event the default is not cured within the prescribed period, he will lose all right, title, and interest in the property and that, upon expiration of the period prescribed for curing the default, a sum equal to 50% of the purchase price wi11 be retained or collected by the government as liquidated damages.

History: Rule 3-78, eff 17 Apr 78, 300 GASM § 10.9.