(a) At the hour, day, and location previously announced, the sale contracting officer will open the proceedings with an announcement concerning the conduct of the sale. A11 items will be offered item by item, in sequence, as they appear in the invitation and/or the public notice.

(b) As each item is sold, the same should be forthwith recorded in an auction sale item record with pertinent information preprinted thereon. As a minimum, the same should show the hour, day, and location of the auction sale, the sale contracting officer and other officials and clerks of the department of material management, the name and address of the bidder and the amount bid. The successful bidder should be immediately informed with respect to his obligation. Notices of award of contract will be mailed or otherwise furnished to the purchaser as soon as practicable after the sale.

(c) In the event time permits, “no bid” or “rejected bid” -passed -items may be reoffered during the progress of the sale and may again be reoffered before the close of the sale, when deemed advisable and specific announcement is made to that effect at the time the item is passed.

History: Rule 3-78, eff 17 Apr 78, 300 GASM § 10.10.