10.0211 Chief Procurement Officer.

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(a) Location. The chief procurement officer shall head the office of procurement in the department of Administrative Services. The office of procurement shall consist of a contract branch, a property management branch, and a policy and review branch.

(b) Appointment and qualifications. The Governor shall appoint and the Legislature shall confirm the chief procurement officer. The chief procurement officer shall meet the qualifications set forth in Section 12.0206 ASCA.

(c) Tenure and removal. The chief procurement officer shall be a full time public official who serves at the Governor’s pleasure.

(d) Authority and duties. The chief procurement officer shall serve as the central procurement official of the government and is authorized to:

(1) Adopt operational procedures or rules governing the internal functions of his office.

(2) Adopt and maintain rules for the government as necessary and appropriate for the implementation of Chapter 12.02 ASCA governing the procurement, management, control and disposal of all construction, goods, and services procured by a governmental body. A separate manual of all rules and amendments to the rules shall be open to inspection and copying during normal business hours.

(3) Except as otherwise specifically provided in this chapter, in accordance with rules adopted.

(a) Procure or supervise procurement of all construction, goods, and services needed by the government;

(b) Exercise general supervision and control over all inventories of goods belonging to the government;

(c) Sell, trade, or otherwise dispose of goods, surplus to the government, and serve as the head of the American Samoa agency for Surplus Property responsible for acquiring surplus federal property under the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act, as amended; and

(d) Established and maintain programs for the inspection, testing and acceptance of construction, goods, and services;

(4) Assist in providing technical assistance, including training, necessary to ensure uniform implementation of the rules in this chapter.

(5) Supervise the conduct of management reviews to monitor compliance with the rules in this chapter and initiate corrective action, as required.

History: Rule 5-84, eff 11 Jul 84, (part).