10.0221 Duties of the Director of Program Planning and Budget Development.

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The Director of Program Planning and Budget Development shall certify as to the availability of funding for all requisitions involving the expenditure of public funds, irrespective of source, within 48 hours after receipt of the requisition.

(a) It shall be the policy of the government to identify in advance, to the extent feasible, planned purchases and procurement actions for each fiscal year to:

(1) Avoid the purchase of unnecessary or duplicative goods or services;

(2) Consider consolidating or breaking out procurement requirements to obtain a more economical purchase;

(3) Consider lease versus purchase alternatives to determine the most economical approaches; and

(4) Insure adequate resources are available and sufficient time is allotted to insure delivery of needed goods and services.

(b) The head of each governmental body initiating requisitions shall submit to the chief procurement officer, by October 1 of each year, a list of purchases planned for the fiscal year (other than small purchases) including:

(1) A description of the purchase;

(2) Estimated dollar amount;

(3) Required delivery date; and

(4) Estimated date for requisition initiation.

(c) The list of planned purchases shall be updated on a quarterly basis by the head of each governmental body initiating requisitions.

History: Rule 5-84, eff 11 Jul 84, (part).