10.0232 Cancellation of solicitations.

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An invitation for bids or request for proposals may be cancelled, and any or all bids or proposals may be rejected, when such action is determined writing by the chief procurement officer to be in the best interest of the government based on:

(a) Inadequate or ambiguous specifications contained in the solicitation;

(b) Specifications which have been revised;

(c) Goods or services being procured which are no longer required;

(d) Inadequate consideration given to all factors of cost to the government in the solicitation;

(e) Bids or proposals received indicate that the needs of the government can be satisfied by a less expensive good or service;

(f) All otherwise acceptable bids or proposals received are at unreasonable prices; or

(g) Bids were collusive (see subsection 10.0292(I) ).

History: Rule 5-84, eff 11 Jul 84, (part).