(a) Specifications shall not be written so as to specify a particular product, or a particular feature of a product, or a particular feature of a product peculiar to one manufacturer unless that particular product or feature is essential to the government’s requirements and products of other companies’ lacking the particular feature would not meet the minimum needs of the government.

(b) Specification shall, whenever practicable, include a description of the qualitative nature of the construction material, good, or service to be procured and, when necessary, set forth those minimum essential standards and characteristics to which it must conform to satisfy its intended use.

(c) When it is impracticable or uneconomical to make a clear and accurate description of the required good or service, a “brand name or equal” description may be used as provided in section 10.0224 as a means to define the performance or other salient characteristics of the requirement.

History: Rule 5-84, eff 11 Jul 84, (part).