10.0244 Brand name or equal provision.

(a) “Brand name or equal” description shall be used only when it is determined that it is impracticable or uneconomical to make a clear, accurate, and detailed description of the government’s requirements without referring to a particular product.

(b) “Brand name or equal” description used in specifications shall set forth those salient physical, functional, or other characteristics of the referenced product which are determined to be essential to meet the minimum needs of the government. Such description shall include:

(1) Complete identification of the item required;

(2) Applicable model, make, or catalog number for each brand name referenced, and identity of the commercial catalog in which it appears;

(3) Name of manufacturer, producer, or distributor of each brand name product reference and address;

(4) Instructions for bidders or offerors to furnish for an “equal” product to be offered, the name of the product, manufacturer, model number, and all other information required for the government to determine that the offered product fully meets the salient characteristic requirements listed in the “brand name or equal” description.

History: Rule 5-84, eff 11 Jul 84, (part).