11.0102 Authority – Review procedures and criteria.

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(a) Health services agencies (HSAs) are mandated by PL 93-641, § 1513(e) to perform the review and approval/disapproval function for certain proposed uses of federal health funds when the agencies are fully designated and authorized to do so by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Under the provisions of 1536(d) of the Public Health Services Act, the ASHPDA assumes this function in American Samoa as though the territory were a health service area and the ASHPDA an HSA for the area. Locally, PL 16-26 also provides authority for the ASHPDA to perform this function.

(b) Final rules were issued on 10 Aug 79 governing review and approval/disapproval of certain proposed uses of federal funds. These rules set forth the minimum procedures and criteria for health systems agency (ASHPDA) reviews under 1513(e) of this Public Health Services Act, and became effective 8 Nov 79. The ASHPDA received authorization from the Secretary of HHS to perform this function, effective 1 Jul 79.

History: Rule 9-80, eff 18 Jun 80, ASHPDA Pro. and Crit. § 1(B).