11.0109 Letter of intent to file federal funds – application.

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(a) Prior to the submission of an application for federal funding, the proposal sponsor should send a letter to the ASHPDA indicating:

(1) the nature of the proposal, including the problem or need which the project or program is to meet;

(2) the grant program from which funding is being requested; and

(3) the probable date the application will be filed with the ASHPDA and the funding agency. It is particularly important in the case of construction projects that the letter of intent be submitted at the earliest possible opportunity in the course of planning of such projects. Such letter of intent must be in the form and include all of the information described in Appendix C. This will allow for scheduling of projected workload and provide that any assistance requested of the ASHPDA can be provided in a timely fashion. This will also enable the ASHPDA to determine if the proposed project also requires a review under PL 16-26, Certificate of Need.

(b) While federal funding cycles will largely dictate the scheduling of letter of intent and application submissions, it is recommended that, at a minimum, the letter of intent should be filed no fewer than 30 days prior to formal submission of the application. The ASHPDA will acknowledge receipt of the letter of intent and may schedule a presubmission conference.

(c) Ideally, project or program sponsors should meet with representatives of the ASHPDA during the planning/development phase of project proposals so fat the ASHPDA may make the sponsor aware of the agency’s plans, standards, criteria, and review procedures. In this manner the ASHPDA can share its findings of health status and health system needs with the sponsor and make other pertinent data and information available.

History: Rule 9-80. eff 13 Jun 80, ASHPDA Pro, and Crit. § 1(I).