If a presubmission conference is scheduled, the staff person assigned to the project will prepare copies of pertinent information for the use of the proposal sponsors. This will include copies of the adopted plans, standards, and criteria relating to the proposed project. At this time the ASHPDA will also inform the sponsor whether or not the proposal also requires review under the provisions of PL 16-26, Certificate of Need.

The ASHPDA will coordinate, to the maximum extent Possible, its reviews of projects under these procedures and its reviews of new institutional health services under PL 16-26 (see 11.0119). This information will be discussed with the proposal sponsor to indicate areas of conformance or nonconformance of the proposed project to the American Samoa Plan for Health and the Territorial Medical Facilities Plan. Hopefully, these considerations will have occurred during the program planning process that resulted in the grant application’s development. In such a situation, the presubmissionconference will be limited largely to review process requirements such as the scheduling of meetings, number of copies required, etc.

History: Rule 9-80, eff 18 Jun 80, ASHPDA Pro. and Crit § 1(J).