11.0121 Appraisal of applicants and others – Reports of reviews – Public access.

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(a) Applicants and other persons subject to ASHPDA review under these procedures shall be notified, upon request, of the status of the agency review of projects, of findings made in the course of such reviews, and other appropriate information respecting such reviews.

(b) At least annually, the ASHPDA shall publish a report of the reviews being conducted (including the status of each review) and of the reviews completed by the agency since the publication of the last report, and a general statement of the findings and decisions made in the course of such reviews.

(c) All applications (or summaries thereof) reviewed by the ASHPDA and all other written materials pertinent to such reviews shall be accessible to the public for viewing or copying at the ASIIPDA office in the LBJ Tropical Medical Center.

History: Rule 9-80, eff 18 Jun 80, ASHPDA Pro. and Crit. § 2 (B) (5).