11.0210 Communications between applicant and staff or review board.

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(a) Prior to the filing of an application, verbal and written communications between a potential applicant and the staff of the agency or members of the review board shall be freely permitted. All applicants are urged to discuss any proposed projects with the agency staff early in the planning stages of the project so that the applicant becomes thoroughly familiar with the goals, objectives, and priorities of the agency’s plans and the procedures and criteria utilized in the determination-of-need review process.

(b) During such time as an application for determination of need is before the agency, the applicant may make verbal or written inquiry of the staff concerning the status or progress of an application or for technical assistance in complying with these regulations. Other written communications are permitted to the staff or review board members if a copy of such communication is forwarded to the director of the agency and all review board members, if relevant to the review.

(c) However, during such time as an application is before the agency for determination of need neither the applicant nor any employee or agent of the applicant shall initiate any oral communication with the director of the agency or any member of the review board to urge a particular outcome concerning such application except at a meeting where notes are kept for inclusion in the public file on the application.

(d) Notice is given that when an applicant, either directly or through an employee or agent, makes a communication which is prohibited by this chapter or is otherwise clearly improper, the agency may dismiss the application.

History: Rule 8-79, eff 16 Jul 79, Det. of Need Rules and Proc. § 8.