Any standard review of an application for determination of need by the; review board shall be conducted in accordance with the following procedures:

(a) Staff Presentation. Unless the chairman directs otherwise, consideration shall begin with an oral presentation by the agency staff. (b) Applicant and Public Presentations. The applicant arid/or any member of the public present shall then be entitled to make an oral presentation of not greater than 10 minutes. If the applicant presents any new evidence or supportive material deemed by the chairman to be significantly different than that submitted with the application or any amendment thereto, the application may be dismissed by the review board upon majority vote of the board.

(c) Questioning and Discussion. Upon completion of all presentation, the review board may question the applicant or the staff for further clarification of the content of the application or the staff analysis report. Following the questioning of the applicant and the agency staff, the applicant may be excused from the meeting prior to discussion of the merits of the project.

(d) Findings and Action. Concluding such discussion and consideration of the application, the review board shall make such finding and take such action as it deems appropriate, by motion duly made and seconded and voted, and shall prepare a statement of such action and the reasons therefor. Such statement, when signed by the chairman, shall constitute official record of the action of the agency concerning the review for determination of need or lack of need for the project described in the application.

History: Rule 8-79, eff 16 Jul 79, Det. of Need Rules and Proc. § 23.3.