(a) In addition to the mandatory findings required by 11.0259, the review board shall consider such of the criteria set forth in 11.0261, 11.0262, and 11.0263 as it deems relevant to making an appropriate determination of need on a particular application.

(b) A finding adverse to an applicant regarding any of the criteria under 11.0261, 11.0262, and 11.0263 relevant to a particular application may be sufficient to constitute grounds for a determination of lack of need. An adverse ruling on an individual criterion, however, is not in itself necessarily grounds for a determination of lack of need. The applicant may be able to show that the proposed project merits a determination of need on consideration of all relevant criteria even though it does not meet each individual criteria considered.

History: Rule 8-79, eff 16 Jul 79; Det. of Need Rules and Proc. § 26.4 (part).