11.0261 Determination criteria-Services and equipment.

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Criteria for determining need for health care services and equipment :

(1) Targeting to Needs. The proposed service (equipment) is aimed at a specific unmet or inadequately met community health need;

(2) Benefit Potential. The proposed service (equipment) has potential for improving health status or health care delivery;

(3) Plans Conformance. The proposed service conforms to the goals, objectives, priorities, and recommendations of the territorial health plan and the annual implementation plan of the agency, and supports other overall or long-range plans of the territory (including the Territorial Medical Facilities Plan and any long-range development plans of the applicant);

(4) Alternatives. The availability of less costly or more effective alternative means of meeting the need;

(5) Utilization Pattern Effects. Relationships of the proposed service to existing or desired patterns of health services utilization;

(6) Ancillary and Support Services. The relationship of the proposed health services to ancillary or support services;

(7) Implementation Resources. The availability of adequate resources (including facilities, manpower, and finances) to successfully implement the proposed service (utilize the equipment) initially and during the duration of need, and the potential for alternative uses of such resources for the provision of other health services.

(8) Cost Feasibility and Justification. The immediate and long-term costs associated with the proposed service (equipment), including secondary costs of the effect on existing services or facilities, are feasible and justified by the expected benefits and/or utilization of the service (equipment).

(9) Controls. The proposed service includes provisions for monitoring, measuring the impact, or assuring the quality of the service.

(10) Location. The accessibility and appropriateness of the proposed service location.

History: Rule 8-79, eff 16 Jul 79, Det. of Need Rules and Proc. § 26.4 (1).