11.0270 Agency review-Appeals board or judicial remedy.

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Any applicant for determination of need aggrieved by the action of the review board in denying acceptance of an application or by dismissal of an application, or by a determination of lack of need upon an application, may be afforded an opportunity for administrative review within the agency upon written request filed with the director of health planning and development, LBJ Tropical Medical Center, within 30 days of notification of such action, such dismissal, or such determination. An aggrieved applicant may, at its election, dispense with such review within the agency and seek appeal with the appeals board or whatever judicial remedy may be available.

(a) Upon a timely request for agency review of the action of the review board in refusing to accept or revoking acceptance of an application or an amendment, or of a determination of need or lack of need, the director of health planning and development i authorized to assign an attorney, employed by the agency and not otherwise involved in the determination-of-need program, to review such action for legal error and to report thereon to the agency. Upon consideration of such report, the agency shall reverse or modify the action complained of if it concludes such action was an abuse of the discretion committed to the review board, in violation of lawful procedures, or otherwise not in accordance with applicable provisions of law.

(b) If the final decision of the agency is to reverse the determination, the application shall be reinstated and a new determination shall be made.

History: Rule 8-79. eff 16 Jul 79, Det. of Need Rules and Proc. § 30.2.