(a) Requirement. A public hearing will be held for all proposed issuance, amendment, or repeal of rules initiated by the agency.

(b) Presiding Officer and Conduct. Each such hearing will be conducted by the director of health planning and development or an authorized representative. The hearing will be conducted in such a way as to afford interested persons a reasonable opportunity to be heard on matters relevant to the issues involved and to obtain a clear and orderly record. (c) Continuance of Hearing. Each such hearing will be held at the time and place set in the notice of hearing, but may at such time and place be continued from day to day or adjourned to a later date or a different place without notice other than the announcement thereof at the hearing.

(d) Order of Business. At the commencement of the hearing the presiding officer will read the notice of hearing and will then outline briefly the procedure to be followed. Testimony will then be received with respect to the matters specified in the notice of hearing, in such order as the presiding officer prescribes.

(e) Submission of Testimony. All interested persons will be given reasonable opportunity to offer testimony with respect to the matters specified in the notice of hearing. Every witness will, before proceeding to testify, state his name, address, and whom he represents at the hearing. The presiding officer shall confine the testimony to the issue before the hearing.

(f) Oral and Written Presentation. All interested persons or agencies of the territory will be afforded an opportunity to submit data, views, or arguments which are relevant to the issues, orally or in writing. Written testimony should be submitted to the agency at its office 24 hours or more prior to the hearing. Persons submitting written testimony on he day of the hearing must furnish 10 copies of such testimony to the agency staff prior to the hearing. In addition, or in lieu thereof, persons or agencies may also file with the agency, within 7 days following the close of the public hearing, a written protest or other comments or recommendations in support of or in opposition to the proposed rulemaking. The period for filing written protests, comments, or recommendations may be extended by the presiding officer for good cause.

(g) Transcript. Unless otherwise specifically ordered by the presiding officer, testimony given at the hearing will not be reported verbatim. All supporting written statements, maps, charts, tabulations, or similar data offered at the hearing, and which are deemed by the presiding officer to be authentic and relevant, will be received and made a part of the record. Unless the presiding officer finds that the furnishing of the copies is impracticable, 2 copies of the exhibits will be submitted.

History: Rule 8-79, eff 16 Jul 79, Det. of Need Rules and Proc. § 31.3.