11.0304 Insured hospital and medical charges-Designated.

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(a) Charges for patients at the LBJ Tropical Medical Center for hospital and medical services covered by insurance or payable under health care programs of the United States Government applicable to American Samoa are as follows:

(1) An all-inclusive charge of $201.00 per inpatient day for hospital and medical services; and

(2) An all-inclusive charge of $17.80 per out-patient visit for hospital, clinic and medical services.

(b) For purposes of this section, “insurance” means health, accident, motor vehicle liability, workmen’s compensation and other insurance coverage of hospital and medical charges and coverage of such charges authorized or permitted by law in place of insurance.

History: Rule 4-82, eff 13 June 82, § 2; and Rule 4-83, eff 25 Apr 83, § 2.