In filling vacancies within the career service of the American Samoa Medical Center Authority, it is the policy of LBJ-ASMC Authority that:

A. Appointments and promotions to all positions shall be made solely on the basis of merit, fitness, and experience.

B. The same standards and methods shall be used in evaluating all candidates who are in competition for the same class of work.

C. Permanent residents of American Samoa, or persons entitled to permanent residence as determined by the Immigration Law of American Samoa, shall be given first consideration for employment. This includes persons who meet the following criteria:

1. The applicant was born in American Samoa.

2. One of the parents of the applicant was born in American Samoa.

3. The applicant is married to an American Samoa.

4. The applicant is legally adopted by an American Samoan.

5. The applicant has resided continuously in American Samoa for at least ten years and has been approved by the Immigration Board.

D. Applicants who have been selected for positions in the career service must successfully pass a pre-employment physical examination before they can be appointed.

History: Rule 06-98, eff. Mar. 3, 1999