A. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has primary responsibility for establishing and administering procedures for filling vacancies in compliance with U.S. Civil Service Commission and American Samoa Government laws and regulations. However, all employees and supervisors share responsibility for the successful operation of the system. Specifically the CEO is responsible for:

1. Developing a merit system policy and procedural guidelines for filling positions.

2. Providing leadership and support for the merit system as it relates to all segments and activities of LBJ-ASMC Authority.

3. Assuring that managers and supervisors are aware of the objectives and requirements of this program.

4. Assuring that current employees are offered first opportunity for consideration when new job openings arise.

B. Managers and Supervisors are responsible for:

1. Providing active support to the objective of the merit system and fully comply with the intent, as well as the procedural requirements of the program.

2. Evaluating candidates fully and equitably to assure that each selection conforms to the objectives of an effective merit system.

3. Selecting from among the best qualified candidates those that are nominated for appointments as well as those for promotion.

4. Providing firm merit system support to employment and keeping them fully informed with information on the merit system and operation.

5. Counseling employees on ways to improve promotion potential and assisting them in self-development activities.

6. Participating with personnel officials in determining qualification requirements and evaluation methods for specific positions.

C. The Human Resources Division is responsible for:

1. Developing and employing the procedures necessary for the implementation and evaluation of the promotion plan.

2. Assuring that the requirements of the Merit System have been satisfied before taking personnel action on a position change.

3. Providing the necessary technical competency requirements that are essential to operate the Merit System and publicize its operation.

4. Announcing position vacancies and selections as appropriate, preparation and maintaining lists of eligible and referring certificates to selecting officials.

5. Maintaining the required documentation of all personnel action covered by the plan.

6. Developing, in cooperation with managers and supervisors, qualification requirements and evaluation methods for specific positions.

D. Employees are responsible for:

1. Familiarizing themselves with the provisions of the Merit System.

1. Personally applying for an announced vacancy in which they are interested, and for which they meet qualifications necessary for the positions for which they seek consideration.

2. Demonstrating that they have the skills, abilities and personnel qualifications necessary for the positions for which they seek consideration.

3. Performing the duties of their current positions in a manner indicating they are ready for advancement to more difficult work and greater responsibility.

History: Rule 06-98, eff. Mar. 3, 1999