A. All applications shall be on a form prescribed by the Human Resources Division. The applicant’s signature shall certify the truth of the stated information. Applications shall remain under active consideration by LBJ-ASMC Authority for one year from the date received. After that period, they will be returned to the applicant who did not obtained employment with LBJ-ASMC Authority.

B. No information shall be solicited or accepted which reveals religious or political affiliations of the applicant. Information regarding the race or color of applicants shall be solicited only for use in an affirmative action minority employment program.

C. Only those applications filed with the Human Resources Division by the date specified in the vacancy announcement or examination notice need to be considered for an examination.

D. Any person who willfully makes false statements concerning a material matter in any application for employment with LBJ-ASMC Authority shall be terminated once the false information is discovered even after the applicant has been employed by LBJ-ASMC Authority.

History: Rule 06-98, eff. Mar. 3, 1999