A. The Chief Executive Officer or his designated representative shall determine, by uniform standards, the appropriate examination for a register for a class and the tests or combination of tests and relative weights to be assigned, ensuring at all times that the examinations are job related.

B. Examinations shall be practical in nature, job related and of such character as to determine the capacity of the applicant to perform the duties of the particular class of positions for which the applicant is competing as well as the applicant’s general background and related knowledge and shall be rated objectively. A passing score may be required on each test included in the examination. In preparing such examinations or selecting incumbent in the absence of examination, administrators shall take cognizance of the trend in American Samoa toward a greater degree of self-determination, and the need for training opportunities for citizens or residents of American Samoa in furthering that transition. Whenever possible, therefore, standards for employment will give all due recognition to practical experience in the function and probable aptitude for learning while on the job, rather than relying in the main on formalized education and training.

C. Examinations shall normally consist of one or a combination of the following:

1. A written test.

2. A performance test.

3. An oral test.

4. An evaluation of experience and training.

D. Examinations shall be held at such times and places as are necessary to meet the requirements of the career service, provide economical administration, and be generally convenient for applicants.

E. Examinations shall be announced once the Chief Executive Officer determines the need and shall be open to all current career service employee of LBJ-ASMC Authority such examinations shall consist of any combination of written, performance or oral test or rating of training and experience.

F. The announcement of the examination shall specify the desirable or minimum requirements, the parts of the examination and the method of rating. Announcements shall be prominently posted to ensure that the information is reasonably available to all LBJ-ASMC employees.

G. A performance evaluation may be used in promotional scores provided that the Chief Executive Officer determine such evaluations are practical and necessary to improve the effectiveness of the examination.

H. Each applicant shall receive notice of final rating as soon as it is computed. Within 30 calendar days following the test, the applicant may request and receive information regarding their score on any part of the examination.

I. When it is necessary to evaluate the experience and screening of applications for a class at grade nine or above for which there is no comprehensive written, oral, or performance exam, a screening committee shall be appointed by the Chief Executive Officer to examine and rank all applications. Members of the screening committee shall be chosen primarily for their ability to judge the technical and personal qualifications of people in their general field of work impartially and objectively. At least one member shall have experience and training and is generally familiar with the nature of the work in the class, and one member shall represent the immediate office in which the opening exists. No screening committee may have less than three members. The Human Resources Manager is responsible for conducting all committee sessions, and for assuring that no discriminatory practices take place. The name of screening committee member shall not be disclosed and shall be kept confidential.

J. The Chief Executive Officer may investigate the applicant’s training and experience to verify the statements contained in his application. If the investigation produces information affecting the rating of training and experience, the Chief Executive Officer shall re-rate the applicant’s record accordingly and make any necessary adjustments in the register. The Chief Executive Officer shall also promptly notify the applicant of such re-rating within ten (10) working days following completion of the investigation.

K. In the first open competitive examinations, veterans shall receive the following preferences:

1. Ten additional points to a disabled veteran. The preference shall be utilized to the first open competitive examination only and not in any promotional examination.

2. Five additional points to a veteran. This preference shall be utilized in the first open competitive examination only and not in any promotional examination.

3. The names of preference eligible shall be entered upon the appropriate registers ahead of others having the same score.

4. If the screening committee passes over a preference eligible whose name appears on the certificate of eligible forwarded to him and selects a non-preference eligible, the screening committee shall file written reason for such action with the Chief Executive Officer for his final approval.

5. When three or more names of preference eligible appear on a certificate of eligible, the screening committee may select only a preference eligible to fill the vacancy under consideration and forward to the Chief Executive Officer for final approval.

History: Rule 06-98, eff. Mar. 3, 1999