The classification and compensation plan provides for:

A. The LBJ-ASMCA General Salary Schedule for other positions which is based on equal pay for equal work and qualifications.

B. Salary range schedules including the minimum, intervening and maximum steps of each grade.

C. Assignment of each class to a grade on a salary schedule.

D. Provisions for regular review of the compensation schedules.

E. Designation of each class or individual position within a class as eligible or ineligible for one and one-half times and employee’s basic salary rate for overtime as provided by the Fair Labor Standards Act.

F. No employee to be compensated at a basic salary rate greater than the maximum nor les than the minimum step of the salary range to which has class has been allotted unless the Executive Director authorizes a different rate in cases of reallocation downward or in other cases involving unusual circumstances where equity requires a different rate of pay.

G. The entrance salary for an employee to be the minimum salary step of the range unless the prospective employing division of LBJ-ASMCA has requested, justified in writing, and received authorization from the Chief Executive Officer for a higher entrance salary step (Section 3.4).

H. An employee who has been reinstated as provided in these rules to be compensated at the salary step nearest the dollar amount received when separated or at the first step of the salary range, whichever is higher, unless the agency requests a different salary as provided above.

History: Rule 06-98, eff. Mar. 3, 1999