Employees who serve under appointments without time limitation, receiving less that the maximum scheduled rates of compensation for their positions, shall receive periodic step increments successively to the next higher steps within their compensation ranges, subject to the following conditions and procedures:

A. For employees on the general salary schedules:

1. The employee’s current performance evaluation is “Satisfactory” or better.

2. The employee has 52 calendar weeks of continuous paid employment (A calendar week is a total of any seven calendar days before, beginning with or after a specified day). Continuity shall not be considered to have been interrupted when the employee’s services are terminated on the last day of his scheduled weekly tour of duty and his next appointment is made effective on the first day of the next scheduled weekly tour of duty. Creditable service, in the cumulating of the fifty-two (52) week waiting period includes:

a. Service under a temporary and/or emergency appointment.

b. Leave without pay not in excess of two work weeks.

c. Service under a part-time or when actually employed (WAE) tour of duty.

d. There has been no equivalent increase in compensation during the waiting period described above. An equivalent increase in compensation is defined as the total of any increase in basic compensation equal to or greater than the smallest step increment for any position in which the employee has served during the period under consideration. An increase in the rate of basic compensation resulting from an overall revision of salary shall not be considered an “equivalent increase”.

e. The increment is recommended by the employee’s immediate supervisor and reviewed by the division manager before submitting to the Chief Executive Officer for final approval.

f. A call-up control system shall be established within the Human Resources Division to determine when employees meet the waiting period requirement for step increment in compensation.

B. When an employee’s step increment is due and provided that the employee meets all other eligibility requirements therefore, Human Resources Division shall request the employee’s immediate supervisor to complete the employee’s official performance evaluation in accordance with (Section A. (4) above) and forward the completed evaluation to the Human Resources Division. If the performance evaluation is satisfactory or above or if no evaluation is forthcoming, the employee will automatically receive a step increment. If, whoever, the evaluation is unsatisfactory, a written justification explaining the rating must accompany the evaluation the Human Resources Division. If the justification is approved, the Human Resources Division shall inform the Payroll Division not to affect a step increment for the employee. The employee would not be eligible for a step increment until the completion of another 52 calendar week period.

C. Effective dates for periodic step increments are:

1. Periodic step increments shall be made effective at the beginning of the next pay period following the completion of the required waiting conditions of eligibility described above.

2. Any periodic step increment resulting from a retroactive corrective action shall be made effective as of the pay period in which the employee should have received the increment.

D. When the date of promotion and the periodic step increment date coincide, the periodic increment shall be made prior to the promotional increased.

E. An employee may appeal the performance evaluation by following the procedures as outlined in (Chapter 7).

History: Rule 06-98, eff. Mar. 3, 1999