A. Court leave is authorized absence, without charge to annual leave or loss of pay or service credit, from official duty for attending court in a non-official capacity as a witness in behalf of the American Samoa Government or the LBJ American Samoa Medical Center Authority. If an employee is on annual leave when called to testify as a witness as described above, a court leave should be substituted. No exception will be made for annual leave that would otherwise be forfeited at the end of leave year. An employee who is on annual leave under advance notice of separation from LBJ-ASMCA is entitled to have proper court leave substituted for annual leave but not to extend beyond the date administratively fixed for this separation.

B. Pay Status Requirement – An employee who requests court leave is subject to the same pay status requirement provisions as those which apply to military leave – (Section 412 F).

C. Witness in Official Capacity – When an employee is called as a court witness in an official capacity, whether on behalf of ASG, LBJ-ASMCA, or of a private party, the employee is considered to be in an official duty status and is entitled to receive regular compensation without regard to any leave regulation.

D. Expiration of Court Leave – When an employee is excused by the court and there remains in that work day at least two hours, it is expected that the employee will return to the place of work unless the return would be spend mostly in travel. If an employee does not return to work when there is sufficient time remaining in the work day to do so, the employee shall be charged with annual leave for the period of time the employee should have worked after having been released by the court.

E. Documentation – All absences that are chargeable to court leave shall be documented and processed in accordance with the provisions of the Chapter above and copies of summons and evidence of appearance shall accompany leave request slips.

History: Rule 01-2000, eff. Sept. 25, 2000.