A. Excused is absence from duty, duly authorized by the Chief Executive Officer, without charge to annual leave or loss of pay of service credit under the circumstances described below.

B. Groups of employees may be excused from duty to:

1. Take an employment examination for a position currently occupied or one to which the employee may be promoted or reassigned, not to exceed three hours.

2. Take a physical examination required to determine continued employability.

3. Obtain treatment for an injury sustained in the performance of duty. The employee may be excused for the balance of the day on which the injury occurred.

4. Donate blood to the American Red Cross in American Samoa or in an emergencies to individuals for the time necessary for such donations, not to exceed four hours, provided that the employee does not receive pay for blood.

5. Participate in emergency rescue or protective work under the same provisions as contained in (Section 4113S).

6. Participate in Federally recognized civil defense programs for a reasonable length of time up to 40 hours in a calendar year.

7. Vote and register. An employee who desires to vote or register in an election or in a referendum on a civic matter in the community may be granted time off without loss in pay or service credit or charge to leave, as follows:

a. When the polls are not open for at least two hours either before or after the employee’s regular working hours, employee may be allowed two hours of excused absence after the polls open or two hours before the polls close, whichever requires the lesser amount of time.

b. An employee may be excused for such additional time as may be needed to enable the employee to vote, depending upon the circumstances in the individual case but not to exceed a half day, time off in excess of a half day shall be charged to annual leave or, if annual leave is exhausted, to leave without pay.

c. An employee who votes in a jurisdiction which requires registration in person may be granted time off to register substantially on the same basis as for voting except that no such time shall be granted if registration can be accomplished on a non-work day and the place of registration is within reasonable one-day, roundtrip travel distance of the employee’s place of residence.

History: Rule 01-2000, eff. Sept. 25, 2000.