A. Administrative leave is proclaimed by the Governor and is for such purposes as national days of mourning, natural disasters, power failure, etc. Only the Governor is authorized to grant administrative leave.

B. Administrative leave hours are paid, non-work hours for LBJ-ASMCA employees.

C. If an LBJ-ASMCA employee is required to work on a day that has been proclaimed for most employees to be a non-work day, employee shall be given either one extra day of straight-time pay or a alternative day off within the same week.

D. Administrative leave may be used when:

1. Normal work operations are interrupted by events or emergencies that are beyond the control of management or employees, such as extreme weather conditions, serious interruptions in public transportation services except as the result of a strike, disasters or other conditions preventing employees from working or reporting to work.

2. The office or project must be closed for short periods, usually one day or less but not to exceed three days, for making repairs, retooling, power failure or other managerial reasons but for loner periods, annual leave or leave without pay shall be scheduled.

3. It is in the interest of the LBJ-ASMCA to relieve employees from work to take part in activities in which LBJ-ASMCA participates, providing employees can be spared without detriment to the work and when those activities do not require the closing down

of LBJ-ASMCA function or project, the employment of relief workers or the payment of overtime.

History: Rule 01-2000, eff. Sept. 25, 2000.