A. All vacant positions within the LBJ American Samoa Medical Center Authority shall be filled on a career service basis whenever possible.

B. Preference will be given to all persons classified as permanent residents under the laws of American in accordance with the policies of the LBJ American Samoa Medical Center Authority for all positions to be filled in the career service.

C. Advertisement for vacancies may be simultaneously placed locally, in Hawaii and on the Mainland for filling with the career service.

D. Applicants who are entitled to permanent residence in American Samoa who live outside of American Samoa shall be given consideration for career service positions equal to that given those who live in American Samoa.

E. All current regulations, procedures and benefits for positions in the career service will apply.

F. When a position cannot be filled within the career service, it may be filled from abroad by contract. Competition and selection for contract positions shall be based solely on merit, fitness, and entirely without regard to race, color, sex, age, religion or national origin. No preference shall be permitted other than that which relates to qualifications. It is the policy of the LBJ American Samoa Medical Center Authority that the most qualified applicant be selected for any position filled by contract. Qualifications will be measured against the requirements of the positions and examinations administered under (Section 2) of this manual. No more than five names shall be certified at any one time. Requests for additional names may be made to replace names of eligible who:

1. Are no longer interested in employment.

2. Were not satisfactory for valid and permanent reasons directly connected with the position as determined by the Chief Executive Officer from written report by the selecting authority.

History: Rule 06-98, eff. Mar. 3, 1999