A. Contract renewal is the prerogative of management and is based solely upon need and performance of a contract specialist as determined by management.

B. Upon expiration of an initial contract, as an inducement for a contract specialist to accept an additional contract, a bonus of 5% for one year renewal, 15% for the first two-year renewal and 10% for each two-year renewal thereafter may be applied to the base salary. Renewal for a one-year period will be limited to one renewal unless prior approval is obtained in writing from the Chief Executive Officer. In addition, contract reimbursement will be reviewed at contract maturity in terms of the prevailing economy and salaries for the field of specialty in the geographical area of the specialist’s permanent residence.

C. A one-year renewal (third year) contract entitles the specialist to:

1. Transportation costs for specialist and its dependents to the point of recruitment and return to American Samoa at the conclusion of the initial, two year contract. If the specialist elects not to travel to the point of recruitment, an allowance, equivalent to the cost of transportation for the specialist and dependents to the point of recruitment and return will be provided, to be applied to the round trip transportation to the point of recruitment.

2. At the conclusion of the third year (maturity of one year contract renewal), the specialist and dependents will receive a transportation allowance equivalent to 50% of the cost of returning them to their point of recruitment and an allowance equivalent to 100% of the cost of returning their household effects to point of recruitment based upon, but not exceed their established weight allowance.

3. Contract renewal for the full contracting period (two years) entitles the contract specialist to all benefits of the original contract, including travel benefits described in (Section 9.5B(2)), an allowance for shipping an additional 1,000 pounds of household effects if the employee is married of with dependents or 500 pounds if single without dependents and 1000 allowance for shipping established weight allowance of household effects to point of recruitment at contract maturity.

History: Rule 06-98, eff. Mar. 3, 1999