A. LBJ promulgates this Program in order to protect the environment, to protect its Employees, and to maintain public health and safety. This Program establishes policies, criteria, and procedures that help to maintain a workplace free from the improper use of alcohol and illegal drugs. It applies to all LBJ Employees performing work for LBJ. The procedures include detection of the use of alcohol and illegal drugs by current or prospective Employees.

B. LBJ encourages Employees who have drug or alcohol use difficulties to seek assistance or rehabilitation services through the American Samoa Government’s Department of Human Resources Employee assistance programs, through LBJ’s Employee assistance programs, or through the Employee’s health plan, as appropriate. Obtaining assistance, however, does not absolve an Employee from further testing, such as random or reasonable suspicion testing. Once an Employee is identified for testing, the Employee is compelled to take the test or be considered as refusing to test. Therefore, Employees are encouraged to seek help before it is too late. Employees participating in a rehabilitation program may use their accumulated vacation or sick leave for in or out-patient treatment.

C. LBJ will also provide adequate safeguards to ensure that testing is performed in a manner which protects the individual’s rights or privacy, to the extent possible, and conform to the requirements of the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988.

History: Rule 07-98, eff. Feb. 9, 1999.