A. When an Applicant for employment has been tested and determined to have improperly used alcohol or an illegal drug, processing for employment will be terminated and the Applicant will be so notified.

B. When an Employee is tested and determined to have improperly used alcohol or illegal drugs, if this is the first determination of use of illegal drugs by that Employee, the Employee may be offered a reasonable opportunity for rehabilitation, consistent with LBJ’s policies. When an Employee who is in a Testing-Designated Position has been tested and determined to have used an illegal drug, LBJ shall immediately remove that Employee from the Testing-Designated Position. If rehabilitation is offered, any Employee will be placed in a non-Testing Designated Position, provided there is such an acceptable position in which the Employee can be placed during rehabilitation. If there is no acceptable non-Testing Designated Position, the Employee will be placed on sick, annual, or other leave status, for a reasonable period sufficient to permit rehabilitation. However, the Employee will not be protected from disciplinary action which may result from violations of work rules other than a positive test result for alcohol or illegal drugs.

C. Following a determination, after counseling or rehabilitation, that the Employee can safely return to duty, LBJ may offer the Employee reinstatement, in the same or a comparable position to the one held prior to the removal. Failure to take the opportunity for rehabilitation, if it has been made available, for the improper use of alcohol or illegal drugs, will result in disciplinary action up to and including removal from employment with LBJ.

D. Any Employee who is twice determined to have improperly used alcohol or illegal drugs shall in all cases be removed from employment with LBJ.

E. An Employee who has been removed from a Testing-Designated Position because of the use of alcohol or illegal drugs may not be returned to such position until that Employee has:

?. Successfully completed counseling or a program of rehabilitation;

?. Undergone a urine drug test with a negative result; and

?. 3. Been evaluated by a SAP, who has determined that the Employee is capable of safely returning to duty.

F. After an Employee determined to have improperly used alcohol or illegal drugs has been returned to duty, the Employee shall be subject to unannounced drug testing, at intervals, for a period of 12 months.

History: Rule 07-98, eff. Feb. 9, 1999.