As used in this article, the following definitions shall apply:

A. “Bidding time” means the time between the issuance of solicitation and opening of bids or the due date for proposals.

B. “Cost-reimbursement contract” means a contract under which a contractor is reimbursed for costs which are allowable and allocable in accordance with the contract terms and a fee, if any.

C. “Firm-fixed price contract” means a contract under which a contractor agrees to perform the work required for a price which is not subject to any adjustment.

D. “Offeror” means a person who has submitted a proposal in response to a request for proposal.

E. “Purchase description” means the words used in solicitation to describe the construction, goods, or services to be procured.

F. “Request for proposals” (or RFP”) means all documents utilized for soliciting proposals under the negotiation method of procurement.

G. “Exception” means excluding from the bidding process.

H. “Sole source” means a vendor is selected solely on the product it produces, owns, holder of product exclusive agreement, and authorizes to represent:

1. “Medical Supply Officer” means an assigned representative of the LBJ Chief Procurement Officer for LBJ.

History: Rule 8, eff. March 3, 1999.