A. A bid may be rejected for any of the following:

1. Failure to conform to essential requirements of the invitation for bids, such as specifications or time of delivery.

2. Imposition of conditions or restrictions in the bid which modify requirements of the invitation, or limit the bidders liability to LBJ. For example, bids shall be reflected in which the bidder:

a. protects against future changes in condition, such as increased costs;

b. fails to state a price and indicates that price shall be the price in effect at time of delivery;

c. states a price, but qualifies it as subject to price in effect at time of delivery; or

d. limits the rights of LBJ under any invitation for bids provision. A low bidder may be requested to delete objectionable limitations from a bid provided such conditions do not affect price, quantity, quality, or delivery of the goods or services offered.

e. Unreasonableness as to price.

f. A low bid from a non-responsible bidder as determined in accordance with Subsection 6.01(b).

g. Failure to furnish a bid guarantee as required by Subsection 6.01(b).

History: Rule 8, eff. March 3, 1999.