A. A contract shall be awarded with reasonable promptness by written notice to the lowest reasonable, responsive, responsible bidder whose bid fully meets the requirements of the invitation for bids and the rules set forth in this Chapter. Unsuccessful bidders shall be promptly notified.

B. After the opening of bids, if all bids exceed available funds as certified, and the lowest responsible bidder does not exceed those funds by more than 5%, and time and economic considerations preclude re-solicitation of the work at a reduced scope, the LBJ Chief Procurement Officer (or designated officer) is authorized to negotiate an adjustment of the bid price, including changes in invitation for bid requirements, with the lowest responsive and responsible bidder in order to bring the bid price within the amount of the available funds. The negotiation of the price and changes in bid requirements shall be documented in a written determination made by the LBJ Chief Procurement Officer (or designated officer) and included in the contract file.

History: Rule 8, eff. March 3, 1999.