A. Contracts may be awarded by competitive negotiation when the LBJ Chief Procurement Officer determines in writing that the use of competitive sealed bidding under subsection 4.02(d) is not practicable because of the nature of the goods or services to be procured.

B. A request for proposals (RFP) shall be issued and shall include:

?. RFP number.

?. Date of issuance.

?. 3. Name, address, and location of issuing office including address for submission of proposals.

?. Date for submission of proposals.

?. Description of the required goods or services to be procured.

6. Evaluation criteria to be used by LBJ in evaluating proposals on a technical and cost basis.

7. The relative importance of the evaluation criteria shall be stated so all offerors clearly understand the basis award.

8. Instructions for offerors to use in submitting technical and cost proposals, including number of copies required.

?. Quantity of goods or services to be furnished.

?. Time, place, and method of delivery to performance requirements.

History: Rule 8, eff. March 3, 1999.