A. Applicability. Architect-engineer services shall be procured as provided in this section except as authorized by subsections 4.02 c (small purchases), 4.02(e)(2) (non-competitive negotiation) or subsection (4.02) (f) (emergency procurement).

B. Policy. It is the policy to publicly announce all requirements for architect-engineer services and negotiate contracts on the basis of demonstrated competence and qualifications at a fair and reasonable price.

C. Selection. The LBJ Chief Procurement Officer or other official delegated authority to execute and administer architect-engineer contracts shall maintain files of current statements of qualifications or architect-engineer firms. After public announcement of a requirement for architect-engineer services, current statements shall be reviewed together with those that may be submitted by other firms in response to the announcement. Discussions shall be conducted with at least three of the firms regarding the contract requirements and technical approach and a selection made therefrom, in order of preference, of no less than three firms determined to be the most highly qualified to perform the service required.

D. Negotiation. The LBJ Chief Procurement Officer or other official delegated authority shall negotiate a contract with the highest qualified architect-engineer for a price determined to be fair and reasonable to LBJ. If a fair and reasonable price cannot be negotiated, negotiations shall be terminated and negotiations shall be undertaken with the second highest qualified firm. If a fair and reasonable price cannot be negotiated with any of the selected firms, the LBJ Chief Procurement or other official with delegated authority shall select additional firms in order of competence and qualifications and continue negotiations until a fair and reasonable price is agreed upon.

E. The LBJ Chief Procurement Officer may promulgate additional contract provisions as required for construction or architect-engineer contracts.

History: Rule 8, eff. March 3, 1999.