A. Present employees. It shall be a breach of ethical standards for any employee who is participating directly or indirectly in the procurement process to become or be, while such an employee, the employee of any person contracting with a LBJ body by whom the employee is employed.

B. Restrictions on former employees in matters connected with their former duties. Permanent disqualification of former employee personally involved in a particular matter. It shall be a breach of ethical standards for any former employee knowingly act as a principal or as an agent for anyone other than LBJ in connection with any of the following:

1. judicial or other proceeding, application, request for a ruling, or other determination;

2. contract;

3. claim; or charge or controversy, in which the employee participated personally and substantially through decision, approval, disapproval, recommendation, rendering of advice, investigation, or otherwise while an employee, where LBJ is a party or has a direct and substantial interest.

History: Rule 8, eff. March 3, 1999.