11.0663 Prohibition Against Employee Use And Contractor Acceptance Of Purchase Requisitions.

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A. Only valid purchase orders and contracts awarded pursuant to this chapter constitute legal and binding documents between LBJ and its contractors. LBJ shall not make payment to a contractor who delivered goods or services as a result of receipt and acceptance of a purchase requisition, unless such purchase was authorized by this chapter.

B. All purchase requisitions used by LBJ shall contain a prominent notice on the face of the requisition form which sets forth the prohibition in this subsection.

C. Unless otherwise authorized by this chapter, any employee who uses or attempts to use a purchase requisition to obtain goods or services directly from a contractor without first obtaining a valid purchase responsible for the amount of the goods and services.

D. Employee purchases for LBJ without the use of a valid purchase order or contract are improper and illegal. Such actions may be ratified in exceptional circumstances by the LBJ Chief Procurement Officer when such action is determined to be in the interest of LBJ.

History: Rule 8, eff. March 3, 1999.